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Philipp Orlowski @ Pilotenküche - local residency

Interview with Natacha Martins - artist spotlight Exhebition "Hard Fluid Betrayal", March 2020, Pilotenküche, Franz-Fleming-Str., Leipzig Exhebition "Almost Tension", February 2020, Alte Handelsschule, Gießerstr., Leipzig with  Ilana Pichon and Sarah Bild from Québec, Jacqueline Huskisson from Alberta and Denise Holland from British Colombia,all Canada , Maria Kubysh currently from Berlin, Audrey Newton and Tomas Cole Nunez from Sydney, Margo van Rooyen from South africa, Isobel Francisco from the Philipines and Austin Turley from Portland,US and another local Shaima Dief.

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neuer Katalog: Philipp Orlowski - Something Is Happening I'm Afraid Of

Paintings 2014/15, as seen in the exhibition: Everything can stop us now."